Organization of Attachments

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone is facing a similar challenge that we do.

When working with different Doc_Types, especially PROJECTS, we find the need to have a large number of attachments.

A sourcing project for example could end up having dozens of attachments at the main project level and it would be interesting to have the ability to add folders.

Further if the “TOP” of the project could see the attachments for the tasks below without having to go though all the individual tasks that could be a big time saver.

E.g. - When we’re running a sourcing project we may get quotations, catalogues, and other important information from multiple suppliers. Although an individual supplier can be managed at that task level when we have large scale projects with dozens of task, each with dozens of attachments, it’s hard to remember where stuff is.

The solution in my mind is that the Project itself could assign folders, but perhaps, adding some kind of browse task attachments in that left nav could also be possible.

I’m not the designer but the first concept at the project level would allow custom named folders: (Using icons or better visual is a given.)


FOLDER: Price Lists
FOLDER: Catalogues
FOLDER: Competitive Products
FILE: productexample.jpg

The task view can just reduce the task ID from: TASK-2020-00384 to the last digits that are not zero.

Task Attachments

384: >>FOLDER: Product Photos
384: >>FILE: Supplier Price List
387: >>FILE: Supplier Price List
388: >>FOLDER: Catalogue
388: >>FILE: Supplier 2 Price List

The objective is to give a greater sense of control and visibility to the project manager and users so that we don’t have to spend so much time looking for files or uploading duplicates because we forgot where they are.

Although I dream of some kind of direct drop box folder integration for the project that would be something that can be discussed later.

As always I am willing to sponsor this if there is interest, and talent available to get this feature completed.

@rmehta - If the community wants this and Frappe can build - give me a budget and I’ll find the $$.

the code seems to show that in the options box, you can place the folder name like you specified. But I’ll have to go into this more.

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Are you saying the Doc_type level attachments can have a folder?

We have some projects with dozens of attachments and that is not uncommon.

I looked at the js code and yes, I think we can place folder in the option definition of the doctype. But I have not coded on this to try this out. I think I’ll do it tonight. Right now, I am doing Apache Hive so, its far from our topic. Hehehe.

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If this is something that is completed and merged I am happy to pay a bounty - just tell me what is reasonable and let’s make it happen.

Folders would be a great help to the organization of Doc_Type related files.

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