Organization of DocType logs, comments, emails, etc

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We have turned on the log functions for our project management and task management DOC TYPES which is important to be able to see how active the project leaders are. The logs include value changes to doc_type field as well as views reported by user.


Further we try to discourage communication that is project or doc_type specific through emails by using comments with tags. This functionality is highly valuable to keep the details and knowledge in the area that it is most relevant. (vs. scanning a million emails.) Email notifications are fine for comments which help maintain engagement, but the key subject matter remains intact on the project, task, or other doc_type.


Finally, when absolutely necessary we use emails from projects, tasks, POs, or other doc_types for external communication with suppliers or those who do not have access to the ERP system.


Now at the bottom of the documents there can be a very long string of data points which include all of the above. The system has a natural display order which can be cumbersome to sort through to find what you are looking for.

The point is all of this data is best used, when it is easily organized, parsed and accessible.


I was thinking that at the bottom of the Doc_type there could be an display option almost like tabs below that control the table display.

It could include:


Perhaps in the doc_type there is a default setting that is set to all by default so there is no different for users overall, but editing the doc_type would allow the user to set a default to a different display order. (We like Comments by default since that is our primary internal communication method.)

In any case when a user is in the document they can make a selection at the bottom to display ALL or some of the data based on what is most important to them.

This accomplishes the goal of maintaining good logs and visibility to all things related to the project - but without cluttering the user display and letting them find what is most important as easily as possible.

Once a view is selected it would be nice to sort by date or other fields, but that is not critical.

As always if there is support for the concept I can find a budget to get this into the system with some developers help to get it done. @rmehta

In any case the feedback is very welcome.

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Nobody? I can’t imagine that we’re the only ones getting overwhelmed by the beautiful, yet massive data on the bottom of certain doc_types.

I am happy to sponsor the develop that would lead to a change to change the default setting on how the “bottom stuff” is displayed including options for tabs that parse the different data type and one of those tabs could be to show it just like it is now.

Sounds like a very good idea