Organize Meetups

After the conference we realized that meetups are a great way to meetup people face to face and its also really cool way to make new connections, find customers, partners, service providers, customers.

We are planning to do a meetup in our office in Mumbai every month and @Basawaraj_Savalagi is doing a meetup in Bangalore tomorrow.

It would be cool if all community leaders organize an ERPNext meetup in their hometowns

The play-book is simple.

  1. Sign-up for an account on (its paid, but it will be worth the money, because its the best site for users to discover meetups).
  2. Post on your local business, open source, free software forums. Everyone runs an organization and they should be using ERPNext!
  3. Keep an open agenda, simple and fun, talk about your problems and let people share what stuff they have done.
  4. Don’t mind if only a very few people turn up the first time. If you do it consistently more people will come.
  5. One of the core team members can be present via Google Hangout or if you have a good attendance, and if the logistics work out can also make a trip to your city.

Maybe in a few years, you could be hosting your own conference, or mini-conferences for ERPNext.

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Thanks a lot for the initiatives and inspiring us to do the same.


I shall setup one for UAE


@rmehta it is a nice initiative. But in Portugal officially i’am the only one - looking at forum. But i think that there are some people from Portugal in the shadow in discuss forum. So i leave here an appeal if there is anyone in Portugal that want to discuss some ways to adapt Erpnext to Portugal and maybe introduce it in Portugal send me an email. I have some work done already!

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I would like to attend every meet-up. :slight_smile:


@rmehta Do we have list of persons in community from Ahmedabad/Gujarat. I can initiate/lead for Ahmedabad.


@luisfmfernandes I think if you have a regular meetup, you might have a good idea. I recommend giving it a try. Maybe have a meetup every 3-4 months.

@Deven_Shah Ahmedabad seems promising, please go ahead. Let us know if you need any help.

@Basawaraj_Savalagi how was the Bangalore meetup?

The key is to get started.

@rmehta it was a good start!

Six of us got together and discussed lot of things and meeting went on for 2.5 hours!!

I have copied my post on below…
Hi all, It was a good meetup and we have taken our first step :slight_smile: Hope this will be a vibrant community going forward… As this was our first meetup, discussions of all sorts were there and below mentioned are few important points…
1.This will be exclusively ERPNext/Frappe focused community not a generic open source group.
2.We will support each other in the ongoing implementations.
3.We will be sharing our learnings from functional/technical/consulting perspectives.
4. In the long run we can create awareness about ERPNext by engaging industry forums/Chartered Accountants etc
5.We will invite other people to join our group.
6.Structure of next two meetups will as following…
a)Members will share their implementation experience
b)Members will share what they have been learning about ERPNext since last meetup
c)One technical talk on frappe/python/javascript etc
d)General discussions

As of now next meetup is planned on 21st Nov


Wow ! Awesome start for the meetups in Bangalore !

@rmehta Could you please provide list of persons who are linked with erpnext in Ahmedabad?

@Basawaraj_Savalagi - Nice… From which city you are?

@Deven_Shah I am from Bangalore…