Ornaments manufacturing unit

How can I use EPRNext for Gold ornaments manufacturing unit

First, Welcome to the forum community.

As for getting started with manufacturing, here is the best place to start your learning process:




Manufacturing features are documented here: https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/v13/user/manual/en/manufacturing

If you have specific questions , ask them here and we can try to assist.

Out of the box you cant. Will need deep customization. Have been there with few clients. Nobody wanted to pay for the development hence they stuck with their legacy software which is very buggy and hardware intensive.

So if you have a client who is willing to fund the customization then it can be done. ERPNext has almost all the features however they need to be reuitlised with additional features to have a comprehensive software.

Hi Ajmal,

Welcome to ERPNext. Here’s hoping you have a great experience with ERPNext and here at the community.

I believe that ERPNext has the building blocks for any type of manufacturing/distribution/retail or service activity.

Being open source you can customize ERPNext and anywhere if you are willing to spend the time, the energies and the money to do that.

Please keep us updated on your journey and reach out to us here if you need the community’s inputs or assistance.