OTP Verification failed with Authenticator app

Hello everyone,
I have an issue using the authenticator app for logging in with OTP, I have created a GitHub issue here OTP Verification not working with Authenticator app · Issue #10170 · frappe/frappe · GitHub
The steps taken are as follows:

  1. ssh to the server hosting ERPNext change directory to the bench folder and enter the command bench --site [sitename] set-config enable_two_factor_auth true
  2. Login to ERPNext, Click on the “Explore” icon and navigate to the Setup page
  3. On the Setup page, click on the “Systems Settings” link under “Settings” page
  4. On the System settings page click on the Two Factor Authentication dropdown and configure it to use the OTP App
  5. Logout and attempt to log in again, the following message will appear
  6. Check the inbox of the email used for logging into ERPNext, open the mail and follow the instructions
  7. Clicking the link in the received email redirects to a page, which includes instructions and a barcode to be scanned by the authentication app
  8. Open your authentication app and scan the code to receive a pin
  9. Inputting the code on the login page returns “Invalid Login” Error

Please does anyone have any experience with OTP on ERPNext, I can’t seem to find where I am going wrong

Make sure your password is correct and if it correct , try using Okta verify app its easy to use

step 1 : go to Plus icon on right top side
Step 2 : click on Other
Step 3 : Scan the QR code as mentioned in mail( the mail user has given)
Step 4: the okta verify app will have the authentication for Frappe Framework
Step 5 : Punch the OTP in your verification dialog box ( mentioned above)

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