Out of the box Let's Encrypt (Free SSL) and more updates

Currently the below features only exist on the develop branch of Bench, and it goes without saying that the features are still in beta, so I wouldn’t recommend using it on your production setup right away.

We now have out of the box Let’s Encrypt support with our Bench utility. It’s been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and Centos 7.

You just use the below command with root permissions :

sudo bench setup lets-encrypt [site-name]

Get more info about Let’s Encrypt commands

Updated get-app command:

bench get-app [repo-url] will now automatically figure out the app-name of your app. The old format will still work.

New command:

bench switch-to-branch [branch-name] [app-name] [app-name-2]

You can now switch your apps’ branch to any branch you want. You can specify which apps you want to change the branches for. If you don’t specify any app, it will switch the branch for all the apps.