Outgoing Email not sent on v5


we just migrated to v5 and cannot send documents per email. In Setup → Email → Email account we set up the Email ID, Password, Enable Outgoing, SMTP Server, Use TLS and Port 587, Default ongoing.

When we go to a docuemnt (for instance Invoice) and send the email, the communication is recorded under Support → Communications but the Email is not sent. In the detail of the communication → Additional Info, the Email account is empty.

We are on ERPNext: v5.0.0-alpha
Frappe Framework: v5.0.0-alpha

Could be that the patch didn’t get executed.

try running:
bench --site [sitename] migrate


Hi, thanks. I tried:

bench --site site1.local migrate

But i get:

Usage: bench [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
Error: no such option: --site

Hi, we still have this problem. Any idea how we can further debug?