Outward Goods in Transit Issue

I’m having this strange issue that is preventing me from moving stock between two warehouses.

See the picture below.

Any ideas? I thought it was something to do with address being missing from warehouses but that is not the case.
Not sure what the next step is here.


In order to create stock movement via in-transit warehouse, you should do the following steps:

  1. Creating Stock Entry (Material Transfer with checked Add to Transit) from Source Warehouse to In-Transit Warehouse as Target Warehouse
  2. Pressing End Transit button in the created Stock Entry in order to Create Material Transfer from In-Transit Warehouse as Source Warehouse to Target Warehouse

Those are the standard steps. I am not sure but I think you are trying to create Material Transfer from Material Issue. So ERPNext couldn’t fetch Target Warehouse info

The weird thing is that Stock Entry (Outward GIT) field includes Stock Entry Type (Material Issue) as a value but the value should have been Stock Entry ID (MAT-STE-.YYYY.-#####)

Is it possible to replicate the problem in steps to help you further?