Over Delivery is allowed but still can not submit delivery note

I have a Sales invoice of 12 pcs and create a delivery note from this for 13 pcs of the same item. There is no Sales Order for this in the system.

Despite the fact that I have set allowance to 5% in the global “Stock Settings” and also 10% on the item’s master I am not being allowed to submit my delivery note


Can anybody advise what is going wrong here or, even better, how I can pass this obstacle?


Can you try increasing the over allowance in Stock Settings to something higher than 5%? Maybe the 5% limit is causing the issue.

well, I had delivered 13 instead of ordered 12, which makes a bit over 8%. So I am wondering who is the boss? Individual Item Master or general Stock settings.

What eventually solved my issue was to delete the line in the Delivery Note and add this item once again.