Over Time / Extra Income in Salary Slip - Payroll in HR

Dear Friends,
I have a problem incorporating Over Time / Extra Income in Salary Slip - Payroll in HR.
We have an ERPNext instance running. It is fully functional and the HR module is implemented.
We have created all the salary components and structures and run the payroll to test the same.
One of the salary component is Over time or Extra duty.

To automate the extra earnings in salary slip we need the following logic from code (server script)

In the attendance template (import), we will create a separate section for extra duty in that if we declare the additional salary is required in the salary slip so the system will create an additional salary document based on our entered data like total hours, rate and amount. While we import the attendance system will check the validation and make an additional salary.

Either we need the above script to be delivered OR you can suggest a method to achieve the same if an easier way is possible.
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Looking forward to your suggestions.

@Deva_Bapat One way is to create the Timesheets for the Overtime hours. And then Create a new Payroll Entry and select the “Salary Slip Based on Timesheet” checkbox. The Salary Slip of the employee will fetch all the timesheets (if any) of that employee created for that particular period and calculate the Overtime Component in the Salary Slip accordingly.

Nikhil Rana

Another way to do it would be to use the Additional Salary doctype:


You can check this out Create Payroll Entry with Timesheets

Thank you all for your suggestion>
It had helped.

Exactly same feature we have implemented for one of our client in Qatar. It works as below.

  1. A custom field has been created in Attendance for “Extra Duty” (in hours)
  2. Attendance created by Attendance device or manually imported will calculate the “Extra Duty” in “Attendance” document
  3. During Payroll process in Salary Slip, total number of Extra Duty will be calculated and based on the rate of Extra Duty defined either in Employee master or Settings or Base salary,
    respective amount will be added to the Salary component table

I hope the description provided will be useful to you.

If you need further support kindly let me know we have the feature ready available

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