Over time management

Dear experts,
Please what is the best way to manage over time without using timesheets.
Any other ideas.

Start a bounty for writing a overtime calculation engine. You need a robust solution in this as each organization manages it differently.

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Mr. Jay
Thanks for your reply. Can I manage it by create a custom field to salary slip then add it manually to each employee?

Hi Ahmed,

Yes that you definitely can.

But if you want sign in, sign out time to take care of overtime, it will need considerable development and customization.

This is Open Source. This is community driven. Somebody’s got to take the initiative and channelize the community’s energies to solve common problems.

Somebody needs to take that first step. That could be anybody from the community. The Foundation will support you every step of the way!!



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Thanks Jay
I am happy to contribute to develop ERPnext and make it more reliable. I have many suggestions but I need to know how to start and how can I help?