Overall "Interaction" log/ assistant workspace

Hi together,

I am still new in ERPNext and at the moment focussing on what interaction/ organizational features are possible. For this I need your help, as I am struggling at the moment and cannot help myself by reading the docs or the existing forum topics.

I would like to have an overall overview of interaction, sth. as an “assistant workspace”:

  • Received E-Mails: Check what is new and dispatch/ link to other doctyes such as Customer or Opportunity as well as inform a colleague about this
  • Events: What interaction (phone, meeting, …) is planned
  • Tasks: See next upcoming Tasks, what is overdue
  • Create new E-Mails, Events, Tasks, … → if sth. should get done, create an item for somebody

I can think of different approaches, but I am not sure, what is the “best” or recommended way, eg.:

  1. Custom Dashboard with Cards and Charts: the assistant (or anybody else) can get an overview, drill down by clicking onto card and take actions within the respective list view
  2. Implement a custom “Communication”-ListView: By default “Communication” listview shows all E-Mails as well as all Events and Appointments, if they have been linked via “Timeline link”. I could make sure via custom hook, that foreach required DocType a Timeline-Link will be created, so that I can see it whithin my Communication-List
  3. Create a Script/ Query Report that shows all required information

Right now I start with a combination of 1) and 3), but I am not sure, if there are any better ideas to fulfill the requirement of an “assistant workspace”.