Overall profitability Analysis based on Cost Center

I have a requirement to track the profitability of a Job.

I am planning to use cost center to do so by tagging sales and purchase to the cost center.

But if the sales and purchase transactions span across multiple financial year, how do i generate a overall profitability which span across multiple years?

Can anyone help me on this please?

You can create profit and loss statement for multiple years and sort the same by cost center.

Profit & Loss statement gives consolidated report of multiple Cost Centers.

Is there a way to get the same for each cost center separately? Like 1 cost center per row, its income & expenses

I think it’s not available currently in the standard ERPNext. You will have to create a custom report for the same.

This functionality is already there in V13.
You can generate P&L for multiple years for all or specific cost center.

Yes, but i am looking for a report with a list of cost centers with Income, Expense and Profit columns and the data coming from more than a single financial year.

Please attach the format in which you are looking for report.

Did you find a solution for this ?