Overlapping permissions with user restrictions

Hi all!

I’m trying to restrict access to documents based on company. For some key documents like Sales Order, user with multiple roles have defined permissions for the the same doctype (Account User, Sales User and Stock User all have read on Sales Order). In order to fully restrict the user to only their company document I had to check the “Apply user permissions” on all roles. This works ok but I noticed that the restriction criteria is repeated for every role at the bottom of the list view:

I guess this is more of a cosmetic issue, but I get the feeling I’m doing it wrong… Is there a better way to achieve this?

@gio please report this issue on Github.

Another cleaner solution would be to remove permission on Sales Order for other Roles. You can do that from Role Permission Manager. Then you won’t have to apply User Permission on the Roles which doesn’t have permission on the Sales Order.

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