Overpaid Invoice [Sales Invoice]

Hi guys,

I wanted to know what’s the usual practice followed for retail customers over paying invoice amount?

Like in the case when a Customer pays 500 for an invoice of 300, we don’t want to return the amount back, but we allow them to maintain a credit of 200 with us and allow them to use that amount in the future.

Currently if we try to follow as per the above requirements, we create an invoice from Accounts > Sales Invoice (with the option “Include Payment (POS)”) for 300 and in Payments we input 500. The difference amount is fetched into “Change Amount” with “Account for Change Amount” set as cash.

Here we could select “debtors account” instead of “cash account” - which I believe will allow us to continue with our requirement. But doing so it does not allow us to submit such invoice with the following message “Customer is required against Receivable account Debtors”.

Please advice if there is any other way to get this done.



Using payment entry, you can achieve this. Make payment entry against sales invoice and set paid amount to 500, it will credit 200 to customer account which you can pull for the next sales invoice against the same customer by click on Get Advance Received button.

Invoice amount is 28$ and paid amount is 40$

Unallocated 12$ has been credited in the customer account, which can use in next invoice

@rohit_w, this seems to be the right way. But this seems to be a lengthy process payment entry + invoice entry. Also we are creating these invoices over API. Also we are retailers, we work with almost 100 walk-ins/day.

This would result in multiple communications over a single transaction (I don’t know how Ok is that).

I believe just allowing the sales invoice to allow submission as “debtor” from change account field. the “customer” in question in the error message is the same as the invoice’s “customer”.