Overproduction against a work order


In my manufacturing operations, there is a frequent phenomenon where actual production exceeds the work order qty by 2-4%. There are a couple of primary reasons for this (not relevant to ERP, but sharing the info nonetheless) → expected rejection due to quality issues in subsequent stages or standard packing size for some raw material (for e.g. total WO qty = 100 but one of the child parts comes in pack size of 15; so produced qty will be 105).

In such cases, the material issue against that work order should be higher than original qty (by 2-3%), and produced qty should also be more than original WO qty. I thought that problem would be solved by the manufacturing setting field “Overproduction Percentage for Work Order”. I have set this field to 125, but there doesn’t seem to be any change in the way of working.

I am attaching screenshots of the setting page and work order “start” page error. This is hurting operations. Kindly help.


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I myself am not informed here. But you are not alone - this thread questions that setting too Manufacturing guidance please - #14 by tecnofoodmx

Manufacturing is probably the weakest module in ERPNext. There is no effective mechanism for handling over production, under production or scrap management. In every case the user is expected to make the required updates to the ledger and manually move any affected raw materials or finished/unfinished product into the correct locations.

I stopped using ERPNext for my manufacturing clients over a year ago and I haven’t seen any significant effort to fix the module in the past 3 major release versions.

The core developers seem more interested in bells and whistles, or pretty new desktops than anything meaningful to actual use of the application. Just my opinion.


Recently I had the below enhancements done for a client

not enough feedbacks from the community so far, I am not confident to submit them as new PR.

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Thanks for the responses. I have found a workaround. Sharing the same here for others’ benefit.

In case I am making more qty than WO, I break this down into 2 steps. Step 1: complete the WO qty as per usual flow. Step 2: make a stock entry for manufacturing by choosing the option of BOM-based stock entry. Now I make sure to not mention any WO in this step. This allows me to ensure that ERP reflects the real situation of finished goods and raw materials.


when you have the need for a Manufacturing solution, what other software do you use?


Sorry, but this is a project forum and in the spirit of the project I will not discuss particular competitive projects that I may be using for my clients. I would prefer to spark interest in fixing what is wrong here before promoting a competitor.

Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.


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How is the manufacturing module turning out for you with the latest release. Have you started to use ERPNext again? Or still with the competitor project.

I use it, but only for the simplest of manufacturing processes. There are still far too many missing pieces.

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