Override Class of auto_email_report.py

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to override the class of the python file auto report but the override method is not working.

The path in hooks.py is

override_doctype_class = {
    "AutoEmailReport": "app.app.test.CustomAutoEmailReport"

Thanks in advance

Any idea about this??

Key is supposed to be name of the doctype, it has spaces in it :slight_smile:

override_doctype_class = {
    "Auto Email Report": "app.app.test.CustomAutoEmailReport"
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I tried the way you said but it’s not working.

Screenshot from 2023-02-03 18-41-37

it just means what it says, that app doesn’t contain custom class you have specified. Did you create it?

Check test.py file for CustomAutoEmailReport class.


Check path for your custom class

make sure, this is in palak.palak.test

It worked

Please also guide me on this