Override_doctype_class and doc_events

Hello, I have my custom app and I am successfully using the hooks.py for both override_doctype_class and doc_events.

I am overriding functionality in Payment Entry doc/class.

The problem I am having

with override_doctype_class, is that this does not take effect when you Add a New Payment Entry. It only takes effect on an already saved/created payment entry when you load/open it from the list.

Preferably I do not need to override the class, I could simply override the validate function with my own validate function using doc_events…

BUT what doc_event triggers on a Add NEW Payment Entry before validate is executed?

If there is no answer to the above query for doc_events, then

is there a way to override the class and have this take effect on Add New Entry instead of only on loading and old one from the list?

Again I have been successful with both hooks.py methods working correctly… but they just do not fire when its a new one currently being created… The simplest fix would be to know the name of the doc_event that triggers before validate does!

Thank you!