Override erpnext CSS using Custom App

Hi all,

I faced an issue that the CSS code is not shown on the ERP desk,
I use these steps:

  • Add css file in custom App
  • Uncomment the line in hooks app_include_css

I use this version
Screenshot from 2023-08-07 12-22-24

This is the structure I use

Please check it.

Maybe it becomes helpful for you.

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Try Creating bundle in version 14

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Yes, I try the same your way and run

bench build
bench clear-cache

but the same nothing is changed.

the problem may be My CSS file is not listening in the Hooks file, I don’t know why?

Can you please explain how?

I guess this is what @niyaz_razak referred to. Check this Asset Bundling

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after set:

bench build -app appname

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Yes, it’s working now.

Thank you so much