Override website pages

Hi, continues to below topic, i want to override website pages using custom app.

using the solution given in below topic i did the same, but its only working for index.html, not with index.py

what i tried:

template_apps = ['custom_app', 'erpnext'] added this line in custom_app’s hooks.py file.

and then copy folder and its files from erpnext/www/all-products to my custom_app i:e custom_app/www/all-products

then i changed some code in custom_app/www/all-products i:e index.html and index.py but only index.html changes are working but index.py is not working at all, i think its considering from erpnext/www/all-products instead of custom_app/www/all-products

can anybody please help?

hello, any help? i don’t want to change core code for this.


Were you able to get it worked?