Override whitelist methods

I know that i see somewhere that is possible override whitelist method, but i can’t see where is that written.

Can you tell me where?

And it is possible after override whitelist method, call the overtired method?


No - its not possible to override whitelist methods right now. You will have to make it “hookable” though - I think a decorator would be a good idea, but it is not implemented at the moment.

Thanks. But i really see it somewhere. I have been looking around but no luck.

Anyway. I have a pull request to extend the funtionality of fixtures. It is working well.

In my implementation it is possible to select what to export and at the same time it has compatibility with the traditional way of doing fixtures.

In my solution it is possible to use regular expression too.

It takes just a few lines of code. And i do not mind to write a few lines to explain how it works.

Developers can use fixtures like they do every day. But if they just want to export, for instance, what the new app extend or just the new custom field and nothing else they can use the new funtionality. They can export for instance just the customers or items that fullfit some logic, some pattern.

Even if you don’t accept the pull request please considere to see the code and considere the utility and importance of the use case.

Thanks for your time.