Overriden Item Image / Attachment

I am using an IOS device and I am using the item thumbnail feature to take a photo and attach it to the item master. The first attachment / upload is without any issues - the image filename is automatically set to image.jpg (I think this is an IOS behavior because Android sets it to some random filename). The problem comes when I try to do the same for another item master, the filename is automatically set to image.jpg and the previous file gets overwritten. I can confirm that the actual file under public actually gets replaced. This also means that the first item master’s image is now the second image that was taken.

If i remember correctly attachments with the same filenames gets a random filename (please correct me if I am wrong).

  1. Is this the expected behavior?
  2. or Is there a setting to change this behavior?
  3. Any idea what can be done to fix this?


The file is overriden since the name is the same and is added in the same location.

A github issue for the same is already created. You can follow up there.

For now, keep the names different.