Overriding Doctype and Reports

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I’m New Bee here. I want to override some doctype and reports. Suppose I want to add some field and need to change core files, so I will create a custom app, but how can I override the same doctype in a custom app like address, customer, supplier. I need to override some report as well. My requirement is for my business specific so I won’t be helpful for the community so it’s useless to go for pull requist.

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@Nasab_Al_habib, there no support for override things into frappe framework.

Bestway, is over customization, adding custom fields, into the doctypes you want.
Into the case of the reports, you should create a new one, like “General Ledger My Business”
You can copy and paste almost of the python controller into a custom app, and start doing the changes from there.

Don’t touch frappe or ERPNext code, it only will crash future upgrades for you, and will put you, into the “road for the hell of code conflict maintenance”.

Best start points are:


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Thanks @max_morais_dmm for valuable time,

I thought the same, if overriding is not supported, but there will be 2 doctype or report with similar functionalities. Do you think is it perfect solution? i think we need to enhance frappe for this type of adaptability.

You can hide or remove all related permissions to standard reports so it’s not visible for users