Overriding naming series on import

Is there a way to override the naming series I.e., EMP0001… while importing employee data?

The only solution I’ve found is to change the current value in settings and then manually add the employee at the correct number.

Any more efficient solution would be appreciated!
Thank You!

P.S- I have access to the root, and can edit the name post import if required.

@Tanuj Upload and do Bulk Rename

@rmehta I’ve already tried that multiple times with no luck. It just creates another record for the employee, not even with the correct naming.


John A - EMP0001

After changing it to say EMP0025,

The record created is:

John A - EMP0002

Found a solution, but its kind of slow. Renaming each employee one by one.

@Tanuj try bulk rename


Already finished renaming this time. Will try next time!

And once more I have to dig up an older thread. How can I import all of my 16k items keeping and using their current naming series? Bulk rename is almost as useful as manually renaming them due to the number of items.

Is there really no way to import the actual naming series conforming ID?