Overriding Pages and Controllers

Hi Team

I was trying to override a few built in ERPNext pages and noticed that I could override the .html pages but not the .py controller.

I was wondering if this is by design?

One example is the the templates/pages/order.html template, I am able to copy it to my app and extend it but if I want to add extra data to what’s passed to the template from templates/pages/order.py I am unable to do it. I can tell it my controller never gets executed as no .pyc file gets generated and non of my extra data comes along ofcourse.


@Felipe_Orellana They cannot be overridden as of now. Maybe we should make them hookable!

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@rmehta we are moving all of our work for this into a new shopping cart app and have started a new topic for it at: https://discuss.frappe.io/t/new-app-for-one-page-shopping-cart-experience/

Please have your team add any suggestions including things you may already have on your roadmap but have not been able to work on yet. We are actively developing this now as it is for a client of ours.

Looking forward to coming to Mumbai in October!