Overtime as time

I need to calculate the extra work time as overtime and add as leave not the amount of money?

Kindly check this link you may find it useful

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Dear Pawan,
Thanks a lot for your kind reply.
We can use the compensatory leave when we have a specific day or days. But if we have for example several hours during a week? or extra hours after the work time? how can we collect by the system?
appreciate your support and help.

The best way I can think of is to build a custom doctype or use timesheet to feed into your compensatory leave request data (may need some customization for this). Eg: 8 hours of time is equal to 1 day of compensatory off.

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It is a sound idea, but at that point the compensatory time will be by request and not linked directly to the actual working time as long as not link with the fingerprint data? what do you think?

You may have to build some custom app or use server script to do this automatically based on your business rules/logic.

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Thanks a lot for your kind reply and time.