Overwrite Project - Task end date can't be before project expected end date

Hi guys,
I’m having an issue with the task inside a project:
I can’t put the ‘end date’ of the task after the expected end date of a project.
I would like to overwrite this situation to allow the end date to be after the expected end date, but I CAN’T find the method with this error :frowning:
Does anyone know where it is?
I’m on Staging for both Frappe and ERPNext: v.11.1.3

Here’s the error:


Welcome to ERPNext and the forum

Why do you want to do this, if you can just change the end date of the project? I wouldn’t think it is beneficial to fiddle with the core code of your instance when you just can work around such a problem easily with using the settings (which exist for such a scenario)

not ideal I suppose. You should change to the master branch (also v11 now) rather sooner then later I think. There are multiple Topics on the Forum about this in case you wouldn’t know how to do that

Thanks for the answer,
I know staging is not optimal, but there’s a reason (a mystical one that I don’t know) why we stay in Staging for the time being. One day we will upgrade, I just don’t know when.

As for the main point: The expected end date is Expected, not absolute. So a project should be finish by a certain date, but it wasn’t. Why? Now, we can make a report showing which tasks weren’t done on time, why is wasn’t complete, what could we change to finish on time, …
In general, I know how to overwrite thing, but I’m unable to find this particular method.

actually I don’t even know whether staging even exists at the moment. Also there are coming new fixes quite frequently since v11 was released on master which you are all missing out on since the release of 11.1.3.

I agree that this has it’s logic. And I’s say this may make sense for anybody. So if you are working on that, I’d recommend considering to do this as a contribution to the core in a way where you factor in a setting to either allow tasks to go over expected end date of projects or not. Like this it’d be beneficial for anyone.

You’re right, once we updated to master I was able to see where the code was!

If you think this can be helpful, I will :slight_smile: