Own Marketplace Hub

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Good day!

I’m interested to know if we can have our own marketplace hub install and link it up with our own client that using ERPNext?

Please advice.


hey @Witton,
yes, it is technically possible. But I think it defeats the purpose of Marketplace. Listing on the Hubmarket.org will give you visibility to a larger audience.

can you share what is your use case for setting up your own marketplace?

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Thanks for your feedback.
We have some potential verticle market business which required more specific product category such as construction, or food industrial. The expectation from that verticle market will be very focus. If you were to mix up with all the products as shows in hubmarket.org , that might not benefit at all for that type of market.

Another potential market we are looking at is the government sectors. There might need their own market place instead to differentiate from public.

Let me know how can realize this.

Thanks in advance.