P&L Report for Periodic Inventory


I have figured out an ERP implementation (including ERPNext - that’s all I implement anyways) becomes wayyy easier if Perpetual Inventory is turned off (this configuration is called Periodic Inventory) and the user organization can generate reports off ERPNext and post the necessary numbers for Current Assets, Stock Assets and for computing the Cost of Goods sold.

However, there are some P&L Report complexities that I am grappling with for a client.

The attached image explains my problem:

I need to get the Month’s Opening & Closing stocks to show the real opening & closing values, the values for the Year is getting aggregated. But if I try to ensure that the values for the year is correct, the Monthly Opening & Closing stocks is not showing what the accountant wants.

Is there someway to accomplish this without having to build a new P&L Report?

Why Periodic Inventory over Perpetual Inventory is a whole other post and I am going to make that post soon. But for now, I’d appreciate the community’s help on this.