Package custom app

I developed a custom app on my local instance. Now I want to ship it to another instance.
What needs to be done to ship the custom app from one instance to another?

Please go through this link. App Development using GitHub · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub

Thank you, I am going to see if it also works with private repos as I don’t want the app to be publicly visible.

Seems like bench install-app doesn’t work. I get the following output when I try to install my app:

Installing myapp...
Updating DocTypes for myapp        : [========================================] 100%
An error occurred while installing myapp:
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'strftime'

I don’t use strftime in my app so this is pretty weird. Any ideas?

erpnext 13.14.0
frappe 13.14.0
myapp 0.0.1

bench get-app myapp { your app path }

Yes I did that but while installing the app an error happens.

I have an answer but I don’t want to make it publicly available :wink: