Packaging in Sales Order

Hi, How do I show UOM of order along with packaging in our sales order process? Business customers usually order based on their requirements, so even though our UOM may be kg, we may create a sales order in the form of barrels or pails. This additional information is necessary e.g. some customers are unable to handle barrels because they only have forklifts (that are better suited for wrapped cubes of 36 pails).

-On Item master Form ,there is field as “Default Unit of Measure”

  • Example Item1 has Define UOM= Meter and want to convert in centimeter
    1 meter=100 cm
  • So First i will define “Default Unit of Measure” = Meter
    -On item Master form,Inside “Purchase Details” section there is
    table grid for UOM conversion.
    -Then define UOM=centimeter , conversion factor=100
    -save item form then you can see in that table grid like
    UOM Conversion Factor
    Cm 100
    Meter 1

-Go to sales order select that item you can see UOM get fetch.

Sharddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hi @shraddha I followed your steps as you suggested.
My default UOM is Kg.

Below I changed the table grid as you suggested and saved the change.

As you can see below, I still don’t see any fetch option for alternate units of measurement in the sales order screen.

What am I doing wrong?


Currently Sales UOM is only restricted to default UOM of the item. The issue is in our to do list, actually one of the community member already started the development on this. You can follow the following github issue to know about the progress.