Packaging Instructions in Sales Order- Customization


We are a rice processing company. Our workflow is bit off and we were wondering how could we tweak the follow as to use ERPNext.

The sales order is basically the same where the client orders different products but these orders come along with different packaging instructions every now and then. For instance a client once ordered 2000kg of Product A to be packed in 2 different ways:

1500 Kg–> Primary Packing :20 Kg Bag Secondary Packaging: 2 such bags in one master bag
500 Kg–> Primary Packing :10 Kg Bag Secondary Packaging: 5 such bags in one master bag

Once the sales order is confirmed we need to order both the products and the packaging material separately. Once the purchase receipts are confirmed and materials are landed in our warehouse we make a Job Order / Purchase Order. These order comprises of the quantity of the finished good required along with the packaging instructions.

I have the following two main concerns:

  1. How we could manage that different packaging of same product in Sales? And as we have to make subsequent purchase orders of the packaging material. Could this be managed through ERP Next ?

  2. For these Job Orders/ Production Orders with different packaging instructions, are we supposed to create new BOM every time ?

We have some in-house development bandwith at our disposal and we are ready to get our hands dirty on the code.


@alikhoja what do propose as a solution

One way is to make separate items and repack stock entries for each time your package size changes.

@rmehta We get a lot of orders every day and every time repacking would be cumbersome :frowning:

Is there any other work around possible ? Even it requires some customization.

Yeah a custom page to speed up data entry of repacking would be a good idea.