Packing List in Delivery Note

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Please support how to edit quantity in packing list when a delivery note is created. For example i have to delivery 10 products, but the at the present only 5 item can be delivered. customer came to receive 5 out of 10.
with the current status, i am unable to EDIT packing list. customization option is also not supporting. For further pls check below snap shorts.

Alert Message from customization view

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You can not disabled read only property of standard field using customize form.

You can not change qty of packing list because you have already freeze it in the product bundle and therefore by default field is read only.

Dear Mr. Rohit

Thanks for the reply.

What will be the next possible solution for PARTIAL DELIVERY for product bundle.

As explained in the initial query that customer want to have have the items which are ready out of the agreed total quantity. We are doing partial delivery in our daily routine.

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We have a similar challenge, where we want to create a Packing Slip before we create the Delivery Note.

We pack goods over multiple days, and inform the customer which goods are packed and ready for delivery. The customer then decides which of those goods will be delivered.

The current delivery workflow does not allow for this. I am thinking of adding a manufacturing step that ‘packs’ items as an operation.

However, these packed items would also require a box number or packing slip.

Any suggestions?


Have you managed to find a solution for this issue. We are also facing similar challenge. Appreciate any pointer

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Not yet! Our developer is working on it. I hope this see a demo soon