Packing Slip and Product Bundles

We have found an issue with Packing Slips where the Delivery Note that it is being pulled from (or when using ‘get’ from within the Packing Slip) contains Product Bundles, it only brings in the Product Bundle item (non stock parent item) and not the bundld items (stock items making up the Product Bundle per Product Bundle master). As the Product bundle is made up of various stock items, these are the items that need to be Picked / Packed.

If the product bundle is the only item in the originating Delivery Note, then the Packing slip cannot even be saved.

Has this been raised before as could not find with my brief search?

In any case, I have created the issue at Github.

The product Bundle item itself is a non-stock item, but only bundled items are the stock items, hence only they should be packed.

@umair Precisely, however the packing slip is not displaying the bundled items (stock items), it only shows the bundles item (non stock item).

@umair any update on this one? I tested on with a new bundle created, same issue where there packing slip only shows the non-stock product bundle instead of the stock items making the bundle.

Is this resolved as i also reported bug for same issue
"Hello Dear ,
Could you guide me For Creating Purchase order from sales order of Bundle Product
I am using version 14.13 ,
But there is one Issue here

  1. As Bundle Product Which suppose be Be NON Stock and NON Purchase item ,
  2. When Clicking Create purchase order in List Loading Bundle Product where it suppose to Load Bundled Items , so that after selecting Supplied for each item Supplier PO could be created ,