Packing slip changes

Some of our products are bespoke manufactured. So I have created a “bespoke” item that we modify as we add it to the sales order / quotation.

You can see how this works on the attached delivery note. The product is added more than once, and the details of the bespoke item is added to the product description

So far so good

The next part is the packing slip. The packing note is grouping together all the “bespoke” items as a single product.

Is there a way of separating these out so it looks like the packing slip? I think this has happened after the upgrade to V7

@rohit_w can you check please?

Hi @Ron_Taylor

This is not an issue and same feature was available in v6 also. To solve this, create separate Item code for separate row.

That seems like a lot of manual work required.
I’d find it more ‘natural’ whether the Variants (@Ron_Taylor these are Variants, right?) where listed separate by default and consolidation in a single row was an option.

Thanks Rohit. You are correct. I set up a system a while ago, staff have only just told me it did not work correctly so I incorrectly assumed it was because of the V7 upgrade :frowning:

However, using separate codes is not an option. We create many “bespoke item” quotes every week and it just fills up the system and gets in the way of real product codes.

@vrms not quite variants no. That is when there is a t-shirt that could be red, blue etc?

No, we manufacture Ubolts - hundreds of different sizes, all with their own codes. but however many we have as stock items, every day customers ask us to manufacture a slightly different size. Now, some of these we decide are a good fit so add them to our range and allocate a proper code. Others, most, will just be one off manufacturing jobs.So we call them Bespoke products. Because these are quotes, many, most, will never be actually made so we don’t want to go through the process of creating a new item, giving it a code etc as all those products that are never made will clog up the system

So, one product called “Bespoke U-bolt”. We add that product to the quote for the customer. If they want more than one size, we can add the “bespoke U-bolt” to the quote more than once. We add the details of the bespoke product (dimensions) to the product descriptions

Now, say a customer wants 10 off three different sizes. We add the bespoke product to the quote 3 times, each with it’s oown description. So 10 off bespoke U-bolt size 1, 10 off bespoke U-bolt size 2 etc

Customers are fickle, they want us to label the bags containing the products with exactly what is inside so I set up the packing list as a bag lable, page 1 will be for product 1, page 2 product 2 etc. For standard products that works great, but for the bespoke ones, there is only one combined lable. But there is not one bag containing 30 u-bolts there are three bags each containing a 10 ubolts

Now we can do something manually of course, it just seems a shame as ERP almost does it. Ah well, back to the drawing boards