Packing slip - no prices

I am trying to find a packing slp that lets me NOT list the prices.

When I use the “packing slip” in ERPNext the prices are on it.

Is there a packing slip in erpnext that does NOT list the prices?


@smokinjo I looked at our version of v12 and the Packing List doesn’t include prices. But (and I am not one of the smart guys in this community…) I think you could also create a new Print Format that could display whatever you want.

Hello again Michael

I am not one of the smart ones either;-)

I was able to find it , by looking around and creating test orders.

The option does not seem to show up until after the sales order is submitted and the the delivery note is created, BUT not submitted.

I tried creating a packing slip on an old older that was already finished and invoiced. But, the error said that teh delivery note can NOT yet be submitted. This actually gave me a clue as to where/when to find the packing slip option in the ordering process.

Is there a way to print a packing slip AFTER the delivery note is submitted?


Hi @smokinjo,

You’d have to override some of the standard code. There exists both JavaScript code:

and Python code:

that forces Packing Slips to require non-submitted Delivery Notes. :confused:

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@brian_pond is clearly a rockstar!

Mostly just stubborn. :wink:

I encountered this same headache with Packing Slips a few months back. Had to hack my way through the code to make it work.

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Thanks for the idea on how to get the packing slip to be able to be printed regardless in what stage of the sales process one finds themselves.

I’d be curious as to know why the developers created the block once the delivery note is made? Things need to e reprinted on a regular basis for multiple reasons. Maybe not vary often, but I can not see any advantage or logic to blocking this.

Thanks for sharing this little tip/trick.

Have a great weekend.


If you find someone with all the answers, let me know! I have a few hundred additional “why” questions of my own.

I like to call this “software archaeology.” First, you have to discover the name(s) of the humans who wrote those particular lines. Next, assuming they’re still around, find a way to communicate with them. Finally, hope they actually remember why, 10 years ago, they did whatever they did. :smile:

At this point in my ERPNext Journey, I’ve adopted a philosophy of “fearless modification.” When I discover these strange things, I just modify them, until I’m happy. :man_dancing:

This means Upgrades do take a bit more time & effort. Still, those only happen every few years. Well worth the tradeoff, imo.