Padding and background image PDF vs. preview

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I like to change the overall border of the sales order (by customize them in print format list) by changing the padding (in @media screen . print-format). After doing so the border is displayed correctly in preview but not if I download the PDF file. Can this be done?

Also I tried to insert a background-image to the sales order. I tried by adding a div around all the content (

). This works correct in preview, but not on the pdf download. Is there any way to add a background image?

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Check wkhtmltopdf forum for pdf rendering issues.

IMO, background images should be rendered alright if your links are correct.

Thank you for your response. As you mentioned, the rendering of the background image is ok. You have to use a url with server:port/pathToImage and everythinkg is fine.

But I still have a problem with the main border around the content (page margin/page border?) of the pdf file. Is there any way to see the source file of the html before it is rendered to pdf? If possible I like to see the used css for the html page to see what css-classes are used. Or do you use explizit page format for generating pdf-files?

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Dear ladies and gentleman,

can anybody give me any advice with the page border?
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This is the standard CSS

Also bootstrap.css is included

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