Page Break Not Working

When Creating Web forms, whenever I insert a page break the fields disappear Does anyone knows why

continues from here Adding Pagination to Webforms

At @clarkej any help

You can find no other q&a leads for clues!?

edi: find out whether perhaps the ‘disappearing’ page breaks are a design feature :wink:

@clarkej Unfortunately, there is literally nothing on this topic except two sentences in the documentation and a screenshot. There is nothing else on the forum or the around the net. I have been trying to solve this riddle for more than a week

Perhaps report your research evidence - list your reference links and trial and error results. That way others can do their own followup learning and findings.

Are page breaks allowed or instead the browser strips them out?

According to this tutorial Web Forms which is part of the official documentation adding adding page break fields in the web-form is supposed to create page breaks as shown in this screenshot:

Good info thanks, then I suggest some ‘trial and error divide and conquer’ research -

First find a page break page case that works as expected, then in a web browser debug session, inspect the page source to identify what is amiss in the working and non-working case?

The other option is to check for and report your issue Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

okay thanks let me look into that

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