Page refresh when using keybaord - FreeBSD


I’ve just started out with ERPNext. I’m update and running on FreeBSD but I’m getting a weird issue in the browser. Whenever I click into a textbox and start typing at the crusor, the page refreshes. It doesn’t matter which key I press, the page will refresh regardless. Anyone know of a fix?

When the page does refresh, I get a notification in the bottom right hand corner say “Cached Cleared”

@James_Lodge Very weird. Shift-ctrl-R will reload the page. Can’t think what might be triggering this - do you have custom keycode mapping?

Btw, we know Frappe/ERPnext works well on FreeBSD

I know this probably sounds stupid… But have you pulled out any extra wireless KB/Mouse dongles from PC USB Slots? Also maybe try another keyboard/mouse? I got fooled a while back with a bluetooth mac trackpad stored in a cable box across the room . The cat would walk over it or sleep on it every so often making my cursor do strange stuff.

Thanks for the replies guys. Also, FYI, its running in a FreeBSD jail which should have no discernible significance.

No custom keycode mappings.

I Originally thought the same, I work on a laptop with a USB mouse, but removing it made no difference. I know its server related because I get exactly the same symptoms in Safari on my iPhone 6s. E.g. go to CRM, create a new customer, click in the fullname textbox, type the first character and the page reloads.

Very weird.

i had this error too, i did a frappe reinstall or some thing and it vanished

Did you reinstall just Frappe or Nginx as well?

I think i did bench reinstall or something, I am not using nginx