Pages won't load!

All was working properly some months ago. Have been inactive and hadn’t logged into ERPNext in months.
Now I need to do taxes, and pages will not load.
Desk is fine. I can go to, for example, Human Resources. But once there, whatever I choose, say, Employee for example, the page comes up but just perpetually says Loading…
This is happening in all modules.

If you could say what versions of Bench and ERPNext , how and where hosted and if the instance has been updated or restarted since last login.

ERPNext: v7.2.21

Frappe Framework: v7.2.17
I have run this on a droplet for several years without issue.
I restarted the droplet in the hope the issue would resolve, but, no luck.
At minimum, I need to be able do Dl the database, as I need tax information in employees by end of January! Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hi @chrisklinger. Can you go to the page where the error occur then press F + 12. Then click Console. It may give a hint on whats wrong

I don’t see ‘console’

Sorry, found it…

“The Notification permission may only be requested in a secure context.”

I’ve never run this server in https, and have never had a problem before