Pagination update

frappe.listview_settings[“Issue”] = {
refresh: function(listview) {
// Wait for the data to load
// Loop through all the rows in the list view
for (var i = 0; i <; i++) {
var row =[i];
let collection = document.getElementsByClassName(“list-row-container”);
var assigned_to = row._assign;
var raised_by = row.raised_by;
if (!frappe.user.has_role(“System Manager”)){
if (assigned_to && assigned_to.includes(frappe.session.user) || raised_by == frappe.session.user) {
// If the user is assigned to the row, show the row
console.log(“Should stay”);
collection[i].hidden =false;
} else {
// If the user is not assigned to the row, hide the row
console.log(“Should not stay”);
collection[i].hidden =true;

i wrote this client script , the purpose of this code is to show only issues that current user created and issues assigned to him .

if the use has an 10 issues attached to him out of 50 issues on all issues, when applying my code the issue number 23 that was assigned to this user does not appear in first page it appears when i click “100” , what should i change in my code to rearrange the number of issues . “Update Pagination”