Paging Option in the Child Table

I created a Doc Type with Parent—Child Rows. Parent has 1 record and it has 1000 records in the child table.

All is well, but why is all the data retrieved all at once? I need to break this into pages so that the consumer can add new records in the child table.

Is there any setting to control the records displayed in the child table?

Thanks in advance.

If you can consider redesigning the structure
Keep these two separate Doctypes.

Their relation can be like customer-contact relation in ERPNext. Check how html field is used on customer doctype to display and add contacts. Quick entry button on parent-like doctype in its html field can be used to add entries. In html field you’ve freedom to paginate entries.

Thank you. I did a round about way.

I created a new DocType called Archive for the Original Doctype.
Then I have a Nightly Job to move any records from the child Table to Archive which are older than 2 weeks.
This should minimize the load on the page.
Also I have a Query that Joins these records and exhibit on the Report, if the user needs to print.

Thanks for all your help. I would try your suggestion for another use case that I have.