Paid amount doesn't show on account receivable reports

After the amount paid, customers don’t show on the chart of account and reports.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (AR / AP)
These reports help you to track the outstanding amount of Customers and Suppliers. It also provides againg analysis i.e. a break-up of outstanding amount based on the period for which the amount is outstanding.

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Once the customer has paid the amount that was outstanding, his/her/organization’s name for that invoice won’t appear because this report tracks only UNPAID invoices not paid ones.

Thanks, But when we paid the invoice, it doesn’t showing any reports.
only showing unpaid and overdue invoices .

Please check Payment Period based on Invoice date report

Thanks a lot, jof2jc! Yes, it is working, I have some queries:-
why it is not showing accounts receivable reports?
and where I can find invoice outstanding reports?
Is it possible all reports such as invoice amount, paid amount and outstanding to export in one reports?

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