Paid development: status change based on document's lifecycle

Help me make this happen: Status change based on few conditions [Paid Development] · Issue #22266 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Here’s a copy of written description of what I’m trying to achieve:

1st , change document’s status based on the below:

a. “User A” creates a document: Status should be “New” 0.
b. “User A” assigns “User B” (can be any user) to the document: Status should be “Assigned” 0.
c. “User B” enter some data in “cost” field (int type), value of more than 0: Status should be “Working” 0. I should also mention it’s a child doctype.
d. User A/B submits the document: Status should be: “Submitted” 1.
e. When current date matches with field “closing_date”, but the document has not been submitted : Status should be “Missed” 2 (end of document lifecycle).
f. When Submitted document’s current date matches with field “Valid Till”: Status should be “Missed” 2 as well.
g. Should have a custom button on top as “Won”, and when clicked: Status should be: “Won” 1.

2nd , Add days from one field to other. Just like in Quotation.

field “closing_date” + 30 days should make populate “valid_till”.

3rd , display selected customer’s address in custom doctype. I just can’t… I can’t even believe myself.

Repo is

Thanks for paying attention guys.

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