Paid invoice showing as Submitted


Scratching my head a bit here. We are using Create invoice to enter orders from amazon. Some of these orders are GBP (our default) and some are USD and other currencies

Now, GBP no problems

With the other currencies, I have set up bank accounts etc but I just cannot get it to work

When i enter an invoice, I change the currency to USD (or have it as the default for the customer)
I enter the products, choose a payment mode (linked to a USD bank account), save it and all looks well. It says “Paid at the top”

And the totals add up with zero outstanding

Now when i come back it says Submitted not paid

am guessing it is something to do with the exchange rate, I have tried the autoomatic ones and setting up a manual exchange rate and still get the same issues

Any thoughts?


Could you check your Accounts Payable Report and Trial balance to see if there is difference left out due to currency conversion into your base currency of GBP?

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Yes, there are small discrepancies, 0.003 etc

I am trying to fix the exchange rates at say 0.6 instead of 0.60125478 that is helping but not perfect. Must be a better solution

There is a Round Off account at company level to which values post for certain transactions, you may want to look at the balance in that too. Also, another option could be increasing the precision of your rate fields.