Paid Opportunity - Shopify Transactions Configurator

Quick Background: ERPNext and Shopify is used by organizations across the world. Each country has it’s own specifics when it comes to E Commerce. For instance, India has Cash on Delivery. Because of this, it becomes important to not wait for the Sales Invoice to be made till the Payment is received. This requirement very grandiosely attempts to build a Transactions Configurator that could reasonably work anywhere.

Details of the requirement are in the Google sheets.

We (my client and I) don’t wish to complicate this requirment too much, so if you think this is too Grandiose, please let me know and we will make the requirment less generic and more specific to my client.

With this approach, I am hopeful that we can build something that different organisations across the world can specify the Shopify trigger and the action they want initiated on ERPNext. And if it works well and the community wants it, it can perhaps be pushed back to the core.

If you’ve done something like this or are keen to, please message me if you have any questions and let me know your estimate of time and your rate.

If you are keen on joining this effort by sponsoring or contributing your development time, please PM me.