Paid Support can be a Great Upliftment for ERPNext | Available?

There are times when you need urgent guidance or help for the small yet important stuff. Hiring an ERPNext expert is time-consuming and this is where a paid support comes in.

In my opinion, it’s a missed business opportunity for the core Frappe team (just guessing because I am not aware of their business goals). By paid support, I mean simple support tickets on a select fee. Something like “Ask this question to the core team for a fee.”

Got this idea because of the issue I’ve been stuck with for 2 days. I would be happy to engage a support assistant for a fee. Does a service like this exist?

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Yup, they do have it… Take a look at this URL
ERPNext Pricing 2022 (take a look at the “Enterprise” section)

It is for customers/prospects like yourselves, who’d want to get timely support

Thank you for the response. I mean it’s for large enterprises :slight_smile:

I’ve got a got basic query which shouldn’t require enterprise-level support, some basic customer support should do.

But again, this forum does the job although takes a bit of time. No complaints. Grateful to the Frappe team and all community members here.

Yes, you have to pay 6000 usd/year minimum right?

Reach out to the Sales Team, they may be able to help you out with some options

Yes, minimum starting from $6400.

Actually, I’ve been stuck with an unexplainable problem for 3 days and I just checked your profile, and you are an ERP expert. I would be grateful if you can look into this issue and guide me in the right direction?

Here’s the issue explained: Buying Amount (and Gross Profit) Calculation on Service Items (non-stock) | Urgent Help Needed