Paid support plan

While I’m grateful for all the help the community contributes here, many requests fall into a black hole and never gets any reply.

Can we purchase a support plan option, from erpnext or frappe team, where we would have professional help within a SLA delay?

I am not using nor frappecloud, just an on premise installation.

Looks like this is what you are after: ERPNext for Enterprise

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@guimorin kindly drop your contact details here.

Cool, didn’t know this was available for self hosted.

However, it is not clear to me if this is based on users.

Here it mention unlimited users:

But when we click on Buy Enterprise Support, we see per user license plan:

Watching :slight_smile:

Pricing is per user based, always been so for the longest time. Best contact the sales team at Frappe to move ahead.

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