[Paid Task] Employee Claim Benefit

Hi, ERP next is based on the presumption that employee claim benefit is not taxable. However, i have a situation where it is taxable and the amount claimed by the employee should be added to the total taxable income. Just like additional salary, it should be added to the total annual income and tax recalculated whenever someone makes a claim.
Can someone please advise how I can achieve this?

I was able to identify that the salary tax calculations are based at salary_slip.py file on the server. Can anyone please advise which string to change/delete to have flexible benefits amount included in taxable income. Otherwise if any server script to overwrite the current function.
Kindly Help.

Can anyone plz help with this :frowning:

If anyone can do this:

  1. fix the above issue and and have the amount included of flexible component included in taxable salary where “is tax applicable” is selected and not included where its not selected in the component.
  2. Apply limits for flexible benefits using formula (formula is switched off for flexible benefits by default).
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Can you elaborate where can it be taxable? like a use case ?

Employee benefit claim become part of salary, so taxable as part of taxable salary as mentioned above.