🇵🇰 Pakistan Workspace Regional App

I would like to present to you the Pakistan Workspace regional app to make ERPNext more useful and accessible to Pakistani users.

Features :gift:

Currently Pakistan Workspace is a localization app for ERPNext that features the following.

  • :identification_card: NIC, NTN, and STRN numbers regional tax and identification fields
  • :computer: Configuration of Pakistani tax related fields and templates
  • :bank: FBR Domestic Sales Invoices (Annexure C) Report
  • :bank: SRB Sindh Sales Tax on Services Report

Future Plans :spiral_calendar:

For now we want to publish this app and gather feedback about the requirements of Pakistani ERPNext users for future development. Some future ideas that are already in our minds are:

  • Local mobile number validation
  • FBR POS Integration
  • More FBR and provincial tax reports
  • Sales Tax Calculation on Retail Amount (for 3rd Schedule Goods)

Contributors :technologist:

The motivation for this app came after meeting like-minded people in ERPNext Pakistan – Community Meetup. I would like to give special thanks to @abidomar for his contributions and motivation.

We decided to develop and publish this app so everyone can make use of it without having to reinvent the wheel. It is a community effort to bring Pakistani ERPNext users and developers together and to accept contributions to make a free and open-source Pakistan regional app.

Free and Open-Source :open_hands:

The ERPNext Pakistan Workspace app is free and open-source and is licensed as GNU General Public License (v3).

Links :link:

Demo Site Login:
User: Administrator
Pass: 123

Sreenshot :desktop_computer:


Great Work @saifi0102 :ok_hand:

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Great Work i ll surely test it and will contribute.


Remarkable work. Such a great contribution to the ERP community. :ok_hand:

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